Episode 73 – Ha! F U Hafu

Here we go! Finally another episode of the most inconsistent relaunch in podcast history. But it’s all good as I talk about the documentary Hafu and read a poem to honor Mandela’s passing without properly explaining why I’m reading said poem. It was the poem that gave him strength while he was imprisoned. Takes two seconds to explain and yet somehow I start reading the poem with only a half-assed explanation and melodramatic classical music as BGM.

It’s all good.

Episode 72 – Don’t Call It a Kaerizaki

Yes, a new episode of Finding Japan is finally here. It’s a bit rough around the edges and I’m still developing where I want to take the show so bear with me. On this ep I have my good friend David on as co-host and we discuss a variety of things about Japan, mostly in comparison with with his home country Australia.

Episode 71 – Prelude: Passing of the T-Bone

Hello, Finding Japan listeners! The show will go on. Host emeritus Christopher has passed the show on to Terrance and everyone’s favorite bovine personality T-Bone Taro from the former Kobe Beef Show (if you have no idea who T-Bone is just nod for now).

In this episode I introduce myself a little, talk about future plans for the show, and Christopher and I do some catching up and chit chat about things in general, Japan, and FJ. Enjoy!

Episode 66 – Video Coffee Machine

Picture 1.jpeg

You can be in Japan for many years and still see something new every day. This was the case when Linda and I recently noticed a new type of coffee machine at our local hospital here. Apparently this coffee machine shows a multi-angle live video feed of how your coffee is being prepared inside the machine. We’re quite sure its legit too since my coffee cup had a different color than the customer before me.

And the coffee itself? Amazing! If you are ever in Saint Lukes hospital in the Tsukiji area, hit this machine up!


Not My Train

I am so glad I don’t take this train. Looks like it was taken in the 80s or 90s though.

[gv data=”Fk2R_mqV4ts][/gv]

McDonalds Commercial Explosion

I just wanted to make the readers of this blog aware of the explosion of Japanese McDonalds commercial remixes available on YouTube. Sometimes its best not to ask.


[gv data=”5g9vV6GW9MA”][/gv]

[gv data=”Nhizo7KrZrw”][/gv]

And just in case that made you hungry, here’s the MegaMac that’s back again! There goes the heart.

[gv data=”uQp3zM35k80″][/gv]

Yoshio Kojima Teaches Kanji

[gv data=”RpeQeDOi7iI”][/gv]

I’ll leave the explanation to Melissa over at Mboogiedown Japan who also posted these videos. But now I too will never forget the kanji for Naku. LOL.

[gv data=”U32Q0jxpLmE”][/gv]

Short Version: Kojima-san is a popular comedian on television now who’s shtick is saying “sonna ni no kankei ne nai” while dancing around half naked. Need you any more explaination than that! No, didn’t think so. Enjoy!

.. and the U2 Guy

I spoke about this guy before, but my friend Alex who was in my Level 1 class last semester actually caught him on video. Somebody get this guy over to Ireland, stat!

Bono clone in Harajuku from Japan Through Blue Eyes on Vimeo.

Alex has a great blog on Japan as well. If you read French, it is highly entertaining. If you don’t, well at least the pictures are nice. Enjoy!

Japanese Pro? Wrestling

So there I was, studying all by myself and I said, “I think I’ll check Facebook”. To my surprise, my little sister posted a gem of a video to my wall that I just wanted to share with you all. Here is a clip of Japanese pro wrestling.

[gv data=”VFQO7ubpUF4″][/gv]

Now what gets me the most is that I actually used to watch wrestling in college. I thought it was pretty funny and, to be honest, it really is like the male version of a soap opera. At any rate, I wasn’t prepared for the announcers also being dressed up. Check it out. There is a pro-wrestling center in Arike that that Yurikamome goes by, right between Ariake Tennis no Mori and Ariake stations. Not sure if its affiliated, but its certainly something to check out.

Sushi Picnic

While searching YouTube for NHK children’s shows to help my listening comprehension, I ran across this gem. 「おすしのピクニック」 I can’t believe the Tako-sushi gets trampled at the end. Enjoy!

[gv data=”iF1IOREyK2o”][/gv]