Episode 73 – Ha! F U Hafu

Here we go! Finally another episode of the most inconsistent relaunch in podcast history. But it’s all good as I talk about the documentary Hafu and read a poem to honor Mandela’s passing without properly explaining why I’m reading said poem. It was the poem that gave him strength while he was imprisoned. Takes two seconds to explain and yet somehow I start reading the poem with only a half-assed explanation and melodramatic classical music as BGM.

It’s all good.

Episode 72 – Don’t Call It a Kaerizaki

Yes, a new episode of Finding Japan is finally here. It’s a bit rough around the edges and I’m still developing where I want to take the show so bear with me. On this ep I have my good friend David on as co-host and we discuss a variety of things about Japan, mostly in comparison with with his home country Australia.

Episode 71 – Prelude: Passing of the T-Bone

Hello, Finding Japan listeners! The show will go on. Host emeritus Christopher has passed the show on to Terrance and everyone’s favorite bovine personality T-Bone Taro from the former Kobe Beef Show (if you have no idea who T-Bone is just nod for now).

In this episode I introduce myself a little, talk about future plans for the show, and Christopher and I do some catching up and chit chat about things in general, Japan, and FJ. Enjoy!

Shutting Down Finding Japan?

Hey everyone, long time no see. Between the earthquake, my family, moving yet again, things have been pretty hectic.

I was contemplating, as indicated before, in shutting down the FindingJapan site entirely. But I wondered, if the site might be better served if someone else would like to take the reigns in hosting and creating content. If there is anyone that is interested in doing so, please send me an email or post a message here and we can get in touch.

Hope you and all of your families are doing well. Best – Christopher

Episode 70 – Fred and Terrance Visit Tokyo

Before Fred and Terrance left Tokyo, we managed a round-table wrap-up of the weekend’s activities. Though the weekend did not go as planned, we still had a great time and summed up the weekend’s adventures along with Fred’s thoughts on Japan after returning after 5 years for a visit.

Listen below!

Episode 69 – Fuji Yoshida Fire Festival


Recently, Linda, Fred, Terrance and I made the trek up to the base of Mount Fuji to see the Fuji Yoshida Fire Festival. This festival marks the closing of the hiking trails for Fuji-san. The carrying of the mikoshi through town along with the noise is said to try to appease the goddess of Mt. Fuji so that the mountain will not erupt. Fires are lit from the center of the city all the way to Sengen-Jinja in order to impress the goddess.

You can read more about the Fuji Yoshida Fire Festival by reading on other sites. You can see the festival by watching this video. Enjoy!

Check out Japanpodcast

Hey everyone. Just a brief blog update before I get to editing some new episodes that were recorded this weekend.

If you haven’t already found it yet, you should go on over to Japan Podcast and check out the new podcast that my good friend Karamoon has started up along with Terri. The podcast seems to be developing quite well and they take a “topical” slant on Japan with some good focused discussion that dives in to Japan culture feet first.

iTunes Link

Episode 67 – Awesome Beer Pour


So I sat down this evening to get my Logic setup all ready for another podcast, and I just couldn’t sit down and belt out some audio tonight. So instead, we do a video.

A co-worker join myself and Linda for dinner the other night at a fabulous german beer hall restaurant in Hamamatsu-chou on Friday night. The beer was great, and the sausage was fantastic. And the beer was poured very stylistically. Enjoy!


Episode 65 – Long Overdue Update


Hey everyone. Thanks for writing and for all of the comments and support. I figured it was well overdue and time for me to provide an update for what has been going on. In this episode, I take some time to address the gaps, give a brief update on our lives and adventures, and explain why things have been taking so long. We talk a bit about the last year and what’s changed and what is to come. Enjoy!

Moving Back to Japan

Hello everyone. Yes it is true, I am moving back to Japan. I guess I just couldn’t get enough the first time. I’ve been receiving lots of questions about future podcasts lately, so I figured I’d sent of a quick now.

There will be a new podcast started soon and I will post the information here. Originally,wWhen I returned from Japan, I had high plans to start a new podcast about the financial crisis and my view of this crisis from overseas. However, due to lack of time and changing personal circumstances, I was not able to make this reality.

The new Japan-related podcast is already underway and under pre-production. I can only tell you that its again Japan-related, and this time has a new “twist”. So stay tuned right here for the new podcast, complete with new URL (once I name it) and new feed.

Thanks to all of the FJ listeners. I hope to take you on another, even more fantastic, ride overseas very very soon. Cheers!