Episode 16 – Medicine and Parks

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Is it true? Is it true? An audio episode?! Yes, I know its been a while but I pulled up my bootstraps and got myself in front of the mic for a good hour today. After editing out all the coughs and false starts, this one comes down to about 41 minutes or so. A full episode follows, complete with a brief sound scene at Mos Burger, only in Japan segment, and two big topics. Listen to my gravel-like voice in true stereo as I whisk you through the Japanese medical experience and my reflections on the park.

Show Notes:

  • Golden Week and what I’ve been doing
  • Being sick in Japan
    • This cold is kicking my ass
    • Pharmacy / medicine store experience
    • Japanese medicine
    • Japanese clinic experience
      • Armpit thermometer
    • Comments on Japanese health-care system
  • Park visit today
    • Had to get out of the house
    • Listening to Jazz while biking through Tokyo
      • Comparing Japan to New York
    • Mos Burger Sound Scene [3 mins]
    • Only in Japan: How many dogs can you take to the park??
    • Japanese park teaches me to relax and enjoy life
  • Another story about my bike
    • Proof that I’m not the only manly-man riding a mama-chari bike
  • Updates
    • Computer work
    • Yurikamome video footage
    • New episodes
  • Hi’s and Hello’s
  • Rock concert podcast ending [it takes for ever]

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