Episode 17 – Walking Through Asakusa

Rainy Day

I took the chance during this rainy day to walk around Asakusa and just spout random thoughts into my cell phone. Listening back, it wasn’t all that bad so I’m posting it as a podcast episode. This one feels a little more intimate and fun I think. Plus, there is all sorts of great things to listen for in the background. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Another haircut at QB House
  • Looking for headphones in Asakusa
  • Eating breakfast at Denny’s (menu photo 1 / menu photo 2)
  • Comments on restaurants in general
  • Children’s book I’m reading
    • Link to Amazon.co.jp page for it
    • book.jpg
  • Coffee episode coming soon
  • Comments on various store fronts I pass by

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