I’m Still Alive

Man, I feel out of touch. Twitter was a no go and by the time it came back, I realized I didn’t miss it. I contributed Scott’s Calling Tokyo Calling #3 on Friday night. What a blast and a great bunch of guys. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

This weekend was totally wrecked by a really late, but fun, Saturday night / Sunday morning. I spent most of the day Sunday recovering just watching movies and enjoying some downtime. My fiancée always tells me I push myself too hard, so I took some “me” time the other day. I need to listen to her more often.

I’ve got three great episodes planned coming up. A few weeks ago I went to the Sanja matsuri in Asakusa and captured some great audio and photos. I’m thinking of putting up an enhanced podcast or something similar to the Stuart Isset piece I mentioned before. Coffee episode 2 is still awaiting another review. If someone else wants to contribute before I get around too it, feel free. You may find yourself in coffee episode 2 – not sure what that means but I promise it will be fun. Also coming up, the Sake project and “letters to future me” segment.

I’m in “collection” mode, I need to get back into “edit” mode. ぼくはがんばっていますよ!

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