Episode 25 – Office Episode

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The office episode has finally arrived, 6 weeks after I had started to do the recordings. Get the skinny on my first 6 weeks in a Japanese office, differences I have found, comparisons I was able to make. Though I’m sure there is much more I could have said, I at least hope that the parts I left in are interesting.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Japanese office observations
    • My initial viewpoint – short history
      • American cube-life
    • Physical layout – Oobeya seido (大部屋制度)
    • Organizational structure
    • Vibe of a Japanese office
      • Speed of response
      • Attentiveness to particular details
      • Meeting formalities
      • Planning things ahead
    • IT worker stereotypes
      • Slouch guy
      • Hypochondriac guy
      • Sweaty guy
    • Japanese working hours
      • Prevalence of company commitment
      • Omiage as an example of this commitment
      • East coast US / Japan time difference advantage
      • Side Topic: Yurikamome Peeps?
    • Things I take for granted
      • Knowing when you are understood
      • Explaining complex topics
    • Outro and thanks

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