Episode 26 – Matsuri


Show Notes:

  • Quick Updates
    • Catching up with school because of Hashika
    • Been in Japan over 90 days!
    • Japanese rain, its different, for real!
    • Preparing for summer vacation
  • Matsuri
    • How I got involved in this matsuri
    • Photos from the Sanja Matsuri
    • Outfits / Tabi / Happi
    • Photos from the matsuri I was in
    • Mikoshi
    • What I had to do
    • Shaking the Mikoshi around in front of a guys house
    • (Kim Chi break)
    • The aftermath
    • “Ssa Ssa Ssa Sssaaaa” guy
    • What I think I learned
    • Impromptu Only in Japan – neighborhood music
  • New Finding Japan Segment
    • LTMFS (listen to find out what this means)
  • Way to ask your own question
    • Email: christopher [a t] findingjapan [d o t] com
    • Voicemail: check the sidebar
  • Outro and thanks

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