Moved In


It has been a long weekend for sure, but a fun and rewarding one. It’s Tuesday morning and I’m finally feeling like I’m settled in. Over the weekend, my lovely girlfriend Linda, my best friend Mike, and Linda’s sister Robin helped move me down to South Carolina. Each of these individuals took nearly 6 days out of their schedule to come help me. I’m so in debt to each of them. Thanks you guys!!

We left on Wednesday and by Thursday night we were playing cards in my new apartment in gorgeous downtown Columbia, SC. It was very hot and humid but the AC here always works great. I’ve got a pretty decent view off of my balcony and there is plenty of room for me, perhaps too much almost.

We capped the weekend off by spending three days in Charleston, SC. I will post pictures when I have my own dedicated Internet connection.

For the rest of the week, its diving into the books, catching up on what’s been going on at my company while I’ve been gone, and taking care of leftover bills and address changes. I already miss everyone from New Haven.

On The Road

On the Road

June 22nd – Leaving for South Carolina

The big moving day. Mike is driving my car down behind me and we are getting ready to leave for South Carolina. We’re going to split up the drive into two days and try to get as far as we can into the south before pulling over for the night.

Sixteen hours on the road in a U-Haul, get ready for the fun..

Busted Up Face

“French fry when you’re supposed to pizza, gonna have a bad time.”

I’m off recovering from my Septoplasty and Turbinectomy operation. I’ve had a deviated septum every since I got clipped in the face with a baseball bat. I’d like to tell you it was because of some sweet gang fight or while saving someone, but it was just an accident.
The good news is that I can now breathe out of the right nostril. I haven’t been able to do this is about 15 years, its incredible. Things smell so much better, though they mostly smell like blood right now. LOL.

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The Root of All Evil

I just watched an amazing documentary series on the BBC recommended to me by a friend called, “The Root of All Evil“. I highly recommend it. One of the most telling quotes from the movie was one originally from Steven Weinberg, the novel prize winning physicist.

“Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.”

I think this will be one that I WILL memorize. There is also another great quote in that series:

“You can think of chimps as MS-DOS and humans as Windows 2000”.

For humanities sake, I hope the latter quote is not true. 😉

Coverting to GMail

I’ll be sending out an email soon. I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve moved over to gmail. My existing addresses will still work, but from now on please contact me at christopher ([at]) If anyone is interested in how to convert your existing OS X mail over to gmail, send me a note and I’ll give ya some pointers. Thanks everyone.

Updates Coming Soon / Taking the GMATs

Hey everyone, sorry there have been no updates. I’m not even really sure who actually reads this besides a few friends who I rarely, or I have never, seen before. (Hi Akiko!!). I’ve been busy studying for the GMATs (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) in advance of applying to graduate school. So far, so good. Its not such a hard test to study for, but I’ve been spending most of the time on the verbal components – since that is surely my weaker point. What I have found amazing is that much of the material knowledge needed to complete the test one learns in high school. Though, it has made me bust out the quadratic equation one more time. Yikes.

Also, look here for some information about a site that I will be launching to augment my study of Japanese. I’ve been really procrastinating on this but I think I will finally find the time after this studying is over.

Long Week

Please please please go do something fun this weekend for me. This week has been totally killer. I need to sleep another 12 hours.