Episode 71 – Prelude: Passing of the T-Bone

Hello, Finding Japan listeners! The show will go on. Host emeritus Christopher has passed the show on to Terrance and everyone’s favorite bovine personality T-Bone Taro from the former Kobe Beef Show (if you have no idea who T-Bone is just nod for now).

In this episode I introduce myself a little, talk about future plans for the show, and Christopher and I do some catching up and chit chat about things in general, Japan, and FJ. Enjoy!

Episode 64 – Final Episode


Well, its that time. Time again for another, and final, Finding Japan episode by yours truly. It took a while but in this episode, I say goodbye to Japan and all of the fun times that we had. At nearly two hours long, this episode highlights some of my favorite parts of Japan by revisiting clips from prior episodes. Come revisit the podcast with me as we tour through the experiences I had, things I learned, and people I have met.

But rather than give a long-winded overview of the episode, just listen in and enjoy. Details about the future are also enclosed.

Thanks again to all of my friends, all of the listeners and contributors to the podcast, everyone who guided me and helped my find my way through the land of the rising sun. This was truly an amazing life experience and I will never forget it.

Finding Japan has been archived at archive.org for posterity. This site will cease to exist at some point in the future though I will do my best to maintain the feed. Check archive.org for all of the episodes, including prologues to the podcast.

Thank you all.

McDonalds Commercial Explosion

I just wanted to make the readers of this blog aware of the explosion of Japanese McDonalds commercial remixes available on YouTube. Sometimes its best not to ask.


[gv data=”5g9vV6GW9MA”][/gv]

[gv data=”Nhizo7KrZrw”][/gv]

And just in case that made you hungry, here’s the MegaMac that’s back again! There goes the heart.

[gv data=”uQp3zM35k80″][/gv]

Episode 51 – Awards and Haircuts


Perhaps I should have accepted an award for the worst haircut-cast ever. At any rate, we’ve got two topics for you this time around. A bit about the award discussion from the previous blog post but even more from the center of cheap haircuts in Japan, QB House.

Show Notes:

  • Leopard upgrade completed
  • Throat hurts – getting a cold?
  • Great discussion on the site, thanks!
  • Award Discussion
  • Haircut at QB House
    • K2010R01111_shop.jpg
    • Prior art: Rich Pav’s Hair Cut Cast from May 2005
    • Notes about audio
      • Television sounding thing – radio
      • Fascination with vacuuming my head
      • A little weather and language discussion
    • The entire audio clip available here: QB House Full

Yoshio Kojima Teaches Kanji

[gv data=”RpeQeDOi7iI”][/gv]

I’ll leave the explanation to Melissa over at Mboogiedown Japan who also posted these videos. But now I too will never forget the kanji for Naku. LOL.

[gv data=”U32Q0jxpLmE”][/gv]

Short Version: Kojima-san is a popular comedian on television now who’s shtick is saying “sonna ni no kankei ne nai” while dancing around half naked. Need you any more explaination than that! No, didn’t think so. Enjoy!

Sushi Picnic

While searching YouTube for NHK children’s shows to help my listening comprehension, I ran across this gem. 「おすしのピクニック」 I can’t believe the Tako-sushi gets trampled at the end. Enjoy!

[gv data=”iF1IOREyK2o”][/gv]

作文 Hell

Hello everybody, today is your weather report from 作文 (sakubun) hell. Its October, but its still hot hot hot. I really haven’t had time to podcast lately, but I won’t make any excuses. I’ll just have to wait until I get some time to lay down some meaningful tracks.

In the meantime, I figured I’d share a little bit of my essay that I’m writing for my class. Since I compose on the computer and then transcribe to practice writing, I find this approach has the added benefit of allowing me to share it quickly with those who might be interested. Just a quick comparison with my last 作文 post and I can see that enough though I’ve come quite far, I still have so far to go.

So here it is with warts and all. I will be correcting it later this week. Mangled Japanese, 1, 2, 3 …. イコウ!!

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C’mon Lets Mikuru Legend

This goes out to everyone starting the Japanese language program here at Waseda this week. Come on let’s dance, special generation!

[gv data=”s66EnE83rYg”][/gv]

Episode 38 – Deer of Miyajima


Man and beast collide… well not really. But we did get to hang out with some deer. Enjoy the sites of us interacting with some deer on the island of Miyajima during our vacation in this quick 3 minute video, complete with mellow music for your deer-viewing enjoyment.

Notice he goes right for the star in that photo!


Episode 37 – Dictionary Games

G4's Code Monkeys

Seems like this turned out to be the review episode. A Kanji dictionary, a great g4 video podcast to share, and some podcasting software review action. Is this podcast really about Japan?! And why do I mention sheep being on the radio? Find out if you listen here. Let’s go!

Show Notes:

  • Intro
    • Getting motivated to bring out some more content
  • Review of Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten DS Dictionary
    • Who should get it
    • Where you can get it
    • Features
  • G4 Code Monkeys
    • Great clip from a great online show
    • iTunes RSS Feed here
    • Other G4 podcasts
  • Review of Ubercaster
    • Podcasting tool
    • Great functionality
    • Poor performance in editing
      • Update: Turning off waveforms really helps though
      • Update: Ubercaster is now available for a discount, see the site for details.